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Hexadecimal Code





Hexadecimal Code


Hexadecimal (often abbreviated hex) is a 16 numeral system, usually written using the symbols 0-9 and A-F. It is a useful system in computers because there is an easy mapping from four bits to a single hex digit. Thus one can represent every byte as two consecutive hexadecimal digits. Colors in HTML are specifyed using hexadecimal numbers.

Most graphic design programs (photoshop, photopaint, paintshop pro etc.) offer to handle colors in a RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color system. To define a certain color you simply enter the amount of each of the three colors Red, Green and Blue.

Another way to convert a decimal value into a hexadecimal value is using the Windows standard calculator (If you don't see the hex-option in the calculator, click the view-menu and choose scientific). Enter a value, click the Hex-field and the calculator will convert the number to hexadecimal.

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