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Machine Translation Links
 Machine Translation, An Introductory Guide, Doug Arnold's free e-book
 Machine Translation Journal
 NYU ACF Multilingual Web
 Tools and Techniques for Machine Translation Teaching: A Survey at University of Essex
 LISA - Localization Industry Standards Association
 European Association for Machine Translation
 European Language Resources Association
 CLUK - Computational Linguistics UK
 Language Engineering Corporation Home Page
Machine Translation Software
 Arsenal/SOCRAT (Russian/English)
ATA Software (Arabic / English)
 HEISOFT/Reverso (German-French, German-Russian)
 Hypertrans (German/French/Spanish/Italian/English)
 IBM Translation Software (English to Spanish/French/Italian/German)
TransWhiz - Chinese Software (Chinese/English)
 Language Engineering Corporation (Japanese/English)
 Language Experts Ltd. (Multilingual)
Language Master (English/Russian, English/Ukrainian)
 Language Partners International (LPI) foreign language translation software distributor
 Lernout & Hauspie (The speech and language company)
 Lingvistica '98 (English/Azerbaijani, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Ukrainian)
 PAHO (Spanish/English)
Polyglossum (Russian/English Ukranian/English German/English)
 PROject MT (Russian/English-Russian/French-Russian/German)
 SMART - Translator Software English/French/Spanish/Portuguese/Italian
 Systran (French/ German/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Italian/ Japanese/ Chinese/ English)
 Tapestry (English-Chinese, English-Malay, English-Thai, English-Indonesian)
 Tolken97 (English/Swedish to/from Danish/ French/ German/ Norwegian/ Spanish)
 Transcend (German-English, Spanish-English, French-English)
 Translingo (Japanese/English)
 WinBabel (Spanish/Russian/English/French/German/Italian/Portuguese)
 World Language Resource (Danish/English Dutch/English German/English Italian/English Portuguese/English Spanish/English Swedish/English)
Click here to get Babylon Pro – The World's Favorite Translation Software - Now For Just $19.95
 Hutchins' Compendium of Translation Software and computer-aided translation support tools (A comprehensive reference guide to current commercial products and vendors costing €20 for printed version and €10 for pdf)
On-line Machine Translation Articles
 Joseba Abaitua - La traducción automática: presente y futuro
 Alexander Gross - MT and Language: Conflicting Technologies? or Ariadne's Endless Thread
 Alexander Gross- Where do Translators Fit into Machine Translation?
 René Meertens - La traduction des textes journalistiques
Alexander Gross Hermes - God of Translators and Interpreters
 Abaitua, Joseba - Is it worth learning translation technology?
 Abaitua, Joseba - Quince años de traducción automática en España
 Abaitua, Joseba -La traducción automática: presente y futuro
 Barite, Mario - Diccionario de organización y representación del conocimiento: clasificación, indización, terminología
 Benis, Michael - Translation Memory From O to R; Michael Benis
 Benis, Michael - Extended comparative review of Translation Memory products part 2
 Demos, Kristin y Frauenfelder, Mark - Machine Translation's Past and Future.
 EAGLES I (1995) - Evaluation of Natural Language Processing Systems
 EAGLES II (1999) -Evaluation of Natural Language Processing Systems
 Language Partners International An Introduction to Computer Aided Translation (CAT)
 LDV-Forum (1999) Doppelband: Maschinelle Übersetzung
 Melby, Allan K. - XML and the Translator
 Melby, Allan K. - Eight Types of Translation Technology
 Silberman, Steve - Hello World
 Silberman, Steve - Talking to Strangers
 Spinrad, Paul - Say Anything
 Steinglass, Matt - Communication breakdown
 Zimmer, Carl - Universal Translators
Bilingual Parallel Corpora and Language Engineering (pdf), Harold L. Somers
On-line Machine Translation Articles by John Hutchins
 Machine translation and computer-based translation tools (pdf)
Compendium of translation software. 4th ed.(pdf)
 Towards a new vision for MT. Introductory speech at the 'MT Summit VIII' conference, 18-22 September 2001, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.
 Machine translation and human translation: in competition or in complementation? International Journal of Translation, vol.13, no.1-2, Jan-Dec 2001, pp. 5-20. Special theme issue on machine translation, [editor] Michael S. Blekhman. Also in: Machine translation theory & practice, edited by Michael S. Blekhman. New Delhi: Bahri Publications, 2001. (BP Series in Translation Studies, 8).
 'Retrospect and prospect in computer-based translation' In Machine Translation Summit VII, 13th-17th September 1999, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore. Proceedings of MT Summit VII "MT in the great translation era", 30-34. [Tokyo]: Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation, 1999.
 'The development and use of machine translation systems and computer-based translation tools.' International Conference on Machine Translation & Computer Language Information Processing, 26-28 June 1999, Beijing, China. Proceedings of the conference, editor: Chen Zhaoxiong, 1-16. [Beijing: Research Center of Computer & Language Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.] same article in foreignword
 Computer-based translation tools, terminology and documentation in the organizational workflow: a report from recent EAMT workshops.' Proceedings of the International Conference on Professional Communication and Knowledge Transfer, Vienna, 24-26 August 1998, vol.ll: 4th Infoterm Symposium: Terminology work and knowledge transfer - Best practice in terminology management and terminography. (Vienna: TermNet, 1998), pp. 255-268
 All articles by John Hutchins including Historical Works
Machine Translation Indexes
 Federico Zanettin's Links (the most comprehensive)
 List of all Machine Translation companies
 Machine Translation Links at Georgetown University
 Corpus linguistics Links by Zanettin
 Terminology Links by Zanettin
 Machine Translation Journal's Links
 Machine translation Publications by John Hutchins (e-texts of many articles on MT)
 Jeffrey Allen's MT Postediting links to articles on the use of Machine Translation postediting, although there are also many links to machine translation in general, machine translation sofware reviews, speech
technologies, controlled language authoring systems, translation memory tools, etc.
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