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(Read this page in Greek )

What can the Translatum Link Button do?

Translate any word in any Web page with a few quick clicks, using the in.gr dictionary (developed on CD-ROM format by Magenta as English-Greek bidirectional Golden Version
and compiled by the lexicographer Panagiotis E. Tsampounaras).

The Translatum Link Button works with Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT and Internet Explorer.

The Translatum Link Button allows you to quickly get a quality translation from English into Greek and vice versa for any word in any webpage! Just double-click a word to highlight it, then press the link button. A new window will open with the translation!

Create the Translatum Link Button:

1. First check to make sure that JavaScript support is enabled. Begin at Tools on the main Microsoft Internet Explorer menu and follow this procedure to enable script support: Tools / Internet Options / Security / Custom / ActiveX controls and plug-ins / Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting: enable!

2. Make sure your Links toolbar is visible at the top of your browser (exactly below the address bar). If it is not, choose View / Toolbar and check Links. The links toolbar will appear below the other toolbars at the top of your browser.

3. Now place your cursor over the Translatum Link Button at the end of this sentence, press and hold down the left button on your mouse, drag the button to your Links toolbar and release the button when a vertical line appears indicating the insertion point TranslatumLB


1. You will get a "security alert" saying that the link may not be safe. It is safe, so respond with "Yes".

2. In case it is not properly incorporated you will see a double arrow at the right side of your links bar. Click on it and then right-click the piece of code that appears. Choose delete. Repeat step 3.

Now test it!

1. Highlight any single word on this page (or any other) (usually by double-clicking on it).

Press the Translatum Link Button button on your Web browser's Link bar.

You get a translation in a pop-up window!

This tool is dedicated to the memory of

the lexicographer (and creator of the dictionary to which the button links to) Panagiotis E. Tsampounaras who passed away in autumn 2001 virtually unknown (read his article on Bilingual Lexicography).

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