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 Arabic Dictionaries
Ajeeb Arabic Multilingual Dictionary
Maktoob English-Arabic Dictionary
Arabic Lexicon
Sakhr Arabic-English-Turkish-French Dictionary
Islamic Dictionary
Arabic-English Translation Page
Encyclopedia of the Orient
Multidisciplinary Dictionary (Arabic, English, French, Spanish)
Trilingual Glossary of Environmental Terms (Arabic, English, Hebrew)
Arabic Pocket Electronic Dictionary
Arabic Language Books and Other Resources
  Egyptian Dictionaries
The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences Digitized Slip Archive of the Wörterbuch der ägyptischen Sprache
Beinlich Egyptian-German Dictionary
Coptic Language Books and Other Resources
  Hebrew Dictionaries
Hebrew Vocabulary Practice (free download)
English-Hebrew and Hebrew-English Glossaries
Microsoft's English-Hebrew Glossary (5400 terms)
Strong's Hebrew Dictionary
Hebrew Audio Slang Dictionary
English-Hebrew Computing Dictionary
English-Hebrew Computer and Telecommunications Dictionaries (download)
English-Hebrew and Hebrew-English Glossaries
Trilingual Glossary of Environmental Terms (Hebrew, English, Arabic)
Yiddish-Hebrew-English-German-Russian Children's Picture Dictionary
Hebrew Pocket Electronic Dictionary
Hebrew Language Books and Other Resources
  Maltese  Dictionaries
Basic English-Maltese Dictionary
English-Maltese Online Dictionary
Maltese-English-Maltese Dictionary
German-Maltese Dictionary
Maltese Language Books and Other Resources
  Berber, Hausa, Somali, Semitic, Amharic, Aramaic  Dictionaries
Berber: Le lexique Tamazight (Tamazight into French, English, Swedish; 1200 words)
Berber: A Short Word List of Tamasheq
Hausa: Hausa-English Dictionary (pdf download)
Hausa: Hausa-English-German Online Dictionary
Hausa: Hausa Language Books and Other Resources
Somali: Short Somali-English and English-Somali Vocabularies
Somali: Somali-English-Italian Online Mathematical Dictionary
Somali: Somali Language Books and Other Resources
Semitic: Acadian Word Lists
Semitic: Algerian Darya-English Dictionary
Amharic: A Very Short Amharic Word List
Amharic: Amharic Language Books and Other Resources
Aramaic: Aramaic-English Lexicon and Biblical Concordance
Aramaic: Aramaic Language Books and Other Resources
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