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Greek translation Greek dictionaries Download Greek Dictionaries - Downloadable Greek Dictionaries  
Downloadable Modern Greek Dictionaries
Downloadable Greek-English-Greek Dictionary of Informatics (Excellent! - RAM 1996 & Kleidarithmos, zip 667KB)
 Freelang English-Greek bidirectional downlodable dictionary (5.000 words approx. on each direction - Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP )

Download an older version zip 385KB
Instructions for unzipping this file:
1. Start WinZip and open the Zip file.
2. Select Extract from the Actions menu
3. Be sure "the Use folder names" checkbox is checked
4. Type (or select) the destination folder, for example C:\MYDIR
5. Press the Extract button
When done click on dict.exe to run application. You can also create a shortcut by right-clicking on the file and selecting "create shortcut".
Ignore the e-mail and web address at Help/About as it is no longer valid.
Download a Modern Greek-English Dictionary (286 pages, Word 2000, zip 137KB)
 The European Union multilingual Education Thesaurus (Adobe Acrobat in self-extracting zip) Download Greek version (3.4 MB) 
Ectaco English-Greek-English Dictionary (you can download for free a 2.1MB demo containing the entries of the first three letters - more Greek Dictionaries by Ectaco, Electronic Talking Greek Dictionaries by Ectaco)
Download English-Greek-English Dictionary of Electrics and Electronics
demo 2.7 MB
Download English-Greek Mozilla Dictionary   (txt.gz format 70KB) & StarOffice format [70KB], xls format [zipped 90 KB)
Download English-Greek Open Office Dictionary   (right click on the link and select "Save Target as") 4MB
The same file in Staroffice format  (zipped)
Download English-Greek Netscape 4,51 Glossary  (right click on the link and select "Save Target as")
 Download English-Greek Export Glossary (in doc format 420KB)
 Download English-Greek Word Lists The list in this page contains every word which occurs ten times or more in the New Testament. To download both lists as zipped Word documents, click here [43KB]. They are in Windows "symbol" font which does not have breathing marks or accents, but is readily available to everyone with Micorsoft Word. The second list contains the definitions.
Eurovoc (Thesaurus and dictionary - searchable and downloadable in .xls) in European Community languages: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish)
Download zip file of dicomaker English/French-Greek dictionaries (204 KB) Contains: English-Greek abbreviations glossary, English-Greek aerodynamics glossary, English-Greek airplane glossary, English/French-Greek air-conditioning glossary, English-Greek airtraffic abbreviations glossary, English-Greek airtraffic control glossary, Greek-Greek mutual funds glossary, Greek-English mutual funds glossary, English-Greek lifts glossary, Greek-Greek art glossary, English-Greek art glossary

Many thanks to Valentini Mellas and Vicky Papaprodromou for preparing and editing the dicomaker glossaries.

In order for them to run you need to install the dicomaker software; alternatively, after uncompressing them you can open them with Wordpad or Word.
 Downloadable Greek Dictionaries by Magenta (zipped Demo versions)
 Download Magenta's English-Greek bidirectional Golden Version Demo (the best!) or buy it
Download now [30MB] Download Microsoft Speech Engine [847KB]
Buy Magenta Dictionaries and other products with 10% discount!
 English-Greek and Greek-English dictionary
Download 12.7 MB
 Italian-Greek and Greek-Italian dictionary
Download (8.4 MB).
 French-Greek and Greek-French dictionary
Download (6.4 bytes)
 German-Greek and Greek-German dictionary
Download (1.2 MB)
 English-Greek and Greek-English dictionary of Medicine and Biology terms. Download (1.4 MB).
 Downloadable Ancient Greek / New Testament Dictionaries
Greek Wordbase (New Testament Greek shareware program for which you need to register by submiting your e-mail, 2600 words, problems with polytonic fonts - Download exe file - 2.55MB)
Eulalie - Ancient Greek Vocabulary Training program (contains about 1000 words from the basic vocabulary of classical Attic Greek. By browsing the dictionary and clicking on a Greek word you immediately get a French translation, usually consisting of several alternatives. To use the French-Greek utility you have to type a French word -some 3000 words are possible- or a string of characters and the program returns all the Greek words in the definition of which the word or string occurs - download it - 2.20MB)
Glossaries developed for Educational Software localization purposes
(right-click on link and choose "Save target as" if asked for password just click cancel and proceed).
The Geometerīs Sketchpad Glossary (Geometry - Excel)
 MicroWorlds Pro (Information Technology, Music etc - htm)
 Interactive Physics (Physics - Excel)
The Ultimate Human Body (Anthropology, Biology - Word)
The New Way Things Work (information technology - Word)
Cabri Geometry II (Geometry - Word)
Function Probe (Mathematics - Excel)
Modellus (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics - Word)
 SimCalc MathWorlds (Information Technology - Word)
Eyewitness Virtual Reality EarthQuest (Geology, Earthquakes - Word)
Other Downloadable Tools
Bible search program from Christianity.gr (contains ancient Greek text, katharevousa translation and English King James version)
Download Tr-AID demo (Translation memory tool by the Institute of Language and Speech Processing)
Modern Greek Grammar  Downloadable and searchable Java applet which conjugates modern Greek verbs by Nikos Kasselouris
Kalos - Ancient Greek conjugator (free!)
Modern Greek word creator by Nikos Kasselouris
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