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Mueller's English-Russian Dictionary
Multitran Russian-English Dictionary
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Russian-English-Russian Java Dictionary
Comprehensive Russian-English Computer Dictionary
Anatomical Dictionary (Russian-Latin-Russian)
Consilium Medicum Medical Index
Dictionary of Russian Biography
Dictionary of Classical Music
English-Russian Glossary of Computing
English-Russian Glossary of Electoral Terms
Dictionary of Ethnographical Terms
Dictionary of Human Rights
Glossary of International Banking and Financial Abbreviations
A Dictionary of Period Russian Names
Dictionary of Religion
English-Russian Aviation Dictionary
English-Russian Dictionary of Computer Science
English-Russian Dictionary of Economics
English-Russian Dictionary of Higher Education Terminology
English-Russian Dictionary of Insurance and Abbreviations
English-Russian Glossary of Medical Abbreviations
English-Russian Dictionary of Military and Everyday Slang
English-Russian-English Oil Dictionary
English-Russian On-line Geological Glossary
Finansovyi slovar'
Glossary of Atomic Energy and Security
Glossary of Forestry Terms in English & Russian
Glossary of Russian Election Terms
Modern Art Glossary
New Abbreviations in the Russian Language
New Dictionary of Russian Abbreviations
Populyarnaya medicinskaya enciklopedia
Russian-English Computing Glossary
Russian-English-Russian Dictionary (general, business, computer & abbreviations)
Russian Theosophical Dictionary
Slovar' bukhgalterskogo ucheta i nalogov
Vocabulary of Transnational Crime (French-English-Russian)
  Russian-Other Language dictionaries
Russian-English-German-Swedish 'One-Look' Translator (19 Dictionaries)
Vesna Belarusan, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English Dictionary
Finnish-Russian Dictionary (38,000 entries)
Russian-Swahili & Swahili-Russian Dictionaries
Lein's German-Russian-German Dictionary
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