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 Sign Language Dictionaries - American Sign Language  
Animated American Sign Language Dictionary
Short animated gifs of a person signing illustrate each sign. In alphabetical order, with new additions indicated by a"new" icon.
American Sign Language Browser
Samples from a CD-ROM, using quicktime videos.
American Sign Language Picture Dictionary
Children's dictionary in signwriting. Book that has to be ordered; signs/pictures not available online
Basic Guide to American Sign Language
Illustrated with clear written explanations, plus quicktime videos from the American Sign Language Browser. Many words in the dictionary.
This dictionary has animated sign language gifs.
Learn American Sign Language
Web site for learning American Sign Language. Offers many words, explanations of how to sign, and even conversations. Photo-illustrated with animated gifs
Medical American Sign Language Phrases
Sample medical-related questions in American Sign Language. Also has a medical index of American Sign Language signs from another online sign language dictionary.
Sign Language Dictionary
Extensive dictionary organized by letter groupings. Illustrated with cute animated graphics.
Signhear American Sign Language Dictionary
Over 200 signs, organized by category. Photo illustrated, accompanied by large drawings.
Signwriting Dictionary
American Sign Language picture dictionary written in signwriting.
Vicars American Sign Language Course
Illustrations of 110 basic signs, organized by concept. Large drawings plus tips to help you remember how to sign the word.
ASL Dictionary by Subject - 200 signs in 13 categories: adjectives, expressions, basic communication, colors, family and home, food and drink, miscellaneous, places, school, sports, time, verbs, weather. Black and white photo stills, line drawings, and text explanations. From SIGNHear Communication Center.
ASL Fingerspelling - ASL fingerspelling dictionary, converter, interactive quiz. Download Macintosh version
The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs and Body Language Cues - Developed from the research of anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, linguists, psychiatrists, psychologists, semioticians and others who have studied human communication from a scientific point of view.
Signing Avatar - 3-D animated signing and fingerspellind model; has vocabulary of 3500 words and will fingerspell words not in dictionary. Description of products and services, news and announcements, FAQ.
  Sign Language Dictionaries - World Sign Languages
German Sign Language Dictionaries (Computer Terminology, Home Economics, Joinery, Linguistics, Psychology)
French Sign Language Database
Singapore Sign Language - This site is an illustrated dictionary of commonly used local hand signs
Grammatical Sketch of Italian Sign Language - Research paper by Rebecca Orton, computational linguist.
Stockholm University Department of Sign Language - Information on Swedish Sign Language, or Svenskt Teckenspråk. In Swedish and English.
Dmoz Multinational Sign Language Links
Hong Kong Sign Language - Dictionary of signs; search or browse through an English index. Simple line drawings. In English and Chinese.
Russian Sign Language
Sign Language Alphabets in Several Languages
British Sign Language 
NOIMA (Νόημα)- Greek Sign Language-Modern Greek bidirectional dictionary, 3.000 terms (DVD-ROM) Samples available on line.
Latviesu Zimju Valodas Vardnica - Latvian Sign Language Dictionary
Sign Language Tapes, CDs, Books, and other resources
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