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Greek translation Greek dictionaries English e-texts  
  Roget's Thesaurus [0.6 MB]
  The Bible King James Version [zip 1.4 MB]
Spiros Doikas No Sex Please, We're Brutish
(A satire on Englishness)
  Eros, Thanatos and the negation of the will-to-live in Larkin's Poetry (essay)
  Sex, Sade, Paglia and the Romantic Imperative (essay)
Metaphysics of Art, A study of Nietzsche's theory of Art
zip [45KB - final format Word 6]
Word 6 [121 KB]
The difference between signifier and signified
(An essay on Saussurian linguistics)
  Points for the design of hybrid (Rule-based and example-based) Machine Translation systems. (MSc thesis)
zip [42KB - final format Word 2000]
  | Say I Love You in 100s of languages!
  Love Quotations (selection)
Friendship Quotations (selection)
Paramananda Change Your Mind, A Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation
Lefcadio Hearn Oshidori (romantic short story by a half-Greek half-Irish writer who lived in Japan)
Mark Sargent Poems
Chögyam Trungpa excerpts on Love and Work from the Myth of Freedom and the Way of Meditation [ Greek - French ]
Holton, Mackridge, Philippaki-Warburton Greek: A Comprehensive Grammar of the Modern Language
Anon Love Recipe (Humour)
Peter "Kip" Soteres Confusing Words - first chapter from a novel which is (loosely) based on the writer's experiences whilst living in Greece.
Andrew Matthews Follow Your Heart - Attachment
Peter McWilliams Do it! Let's Get off our Buts
Panos Karagiorgos English & Greek Proverbs  
Proverbs in Greek, French, Italian, German, Spanish  
Sunil K. Poolani Surprise, surprise... (A short story - more)
Marc Meyer Popi a short story in French which takes place in Greece
Roland Barthes Lover's Discourse
Eleni Vainas Articles about life in Greece:
Greek Food and the God of Hospitality
Philoxenia Transplanted: Nana Loiselle in New York
Octopus Fishing in Ancient Epidavros [ More ]
John Stuart Mil l On Liberty
Jasmeet Chhabra CrossRoaD, a novel (Indian Literature)

Links to English e-texts

Project Bartleby (search poetry, fiction and non-fiction texts)
Search eLibrary for
Search Project Gutenberg (1000s of zipped texts in 14 languages)
Online Texts Collection (15.000 titles in Dewey Classification)
Bibles in English / German / French / Latin (searchable and downloadable)
Electronic Text Centre (Virginia, 51.000 texts in 12 languages)
Bibliomania  Read 800 different texts
Online Book Initiative (ftp - gopher)
Corpus of Electronic Texts (CELT), University College Cork
Complete Works of Shakespeare (MIT)
Christian Classics Ethereal Library (includes many early Christian texts)
Machine Translation, An Introductory Guide (Doug Arnold)
1stBooks (100s of e-texts)
Project Unicorn (works by Nietzsche, Chuang Tzu, Lao Tzu, Voltaire, Wittgenstein, Krishnamurti, and extensive poetry collection)
Links to digital libraries
Access to Insight (The biggest collection of Buddhist texts on the net)
Screentalk (Free movie scripts in pdf format for dozens of movies - from "The Abyss" to "You've got Mail")
Amazon offers often as many as 20 or more pages of thousands of books for free viewing. Look for books with the Look Inside icons (click icons to see items and sample pages):
 Bookworm many free ebooks
globalnovel A novel translated in 11 languages and written by 14 authors

Sites where new writers can publish their work

Writers.net "WritersNet is the place for writers to showcase their work and exchange ideas on the Web. " (free)
Rosedog (free)
Storybay ($10 set-up fee and $7 monthly fees - works presented in .pdf format - works can be sold as e-texts 60% of the revenues go to the writer)
New Writer (free)

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