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Greek translation Greek dictionariesProf. Panos Karagiorgos (CV)
   Greek Proverbs with their counterparts in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


€15 inclusive of p&p
132 pages

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A sine qua non for the literary translator

It is an indisputable fact that this kind of comparative research is both painstaking and time-consuming. However, Professor Karagiorgos appears to have done a great job, not at simply translating but more importanly of finding equivalences between the two languages.

And this is hardly a surprise as his literary background, and especially his comparative analysis of Shakesperean translations into Greek, have paved the way for this juxtaposition of colourful phrases in Greek, English,French, Italian, German, Spanish.

Although one can find proverbs and their equivalences in many bilingual dictionaries, this (as well as his Greek & English Proverbs) is the richest reference book on the subject and should not be missed by any serious literary translator


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