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International Translators' Directories
Translatorscafe A job posting site for translators; you can register your CV and bid for jobs, forums, tiered membership - fees apply for Master membership
ProZ Free Community for Translators and Translation Agencies Jobs for translators, translation questions answered "Kudoz", translators can upload their glossaries and gain "Brownies" points which enable them to bid and have discounts in Platinum membership, free CV registration - fees apply for Platinum membership
Aquarius Jobs for translators, free CV registration - fees apply for Gold membership
  Elance sell and buy translation and other services
Traduguide Jobs for translators, free CV registration, points for answering translation questions "Conges"
Tower of Babel translators get a free resume posted if they offer free translation services for the site
Experts on the Web Online directory of freelance translators, post your resume, search for jobs
GoTranslators Translators can register their CV for a six-month trial period, bid for jobs, ask translation questions
Translation-agencies.com translation jobs page Page of translation job listing services
Linguistic Enterprises
Translist.info A free and international directory of translators and interpreters
ForeignWord Translators can register their CV free of charge
Translation Reference Center Site owned by Atril -Deja Vu translation memory tool creators - Translators can register their CV free of charge
TranslationZone Site owned by Trados -Translation memory software creators- Translators can register their CV free of charge
Hotelbabylon - A jobs forum "Post or view a job, search for linguists and agency, view market rates, interact with colleagues... " Please note: hotelbabylon.com is a FORUM; it means that when you answer to the job offer, be sure that you choose "send a private message" option - otherwise your answer will become public (thread).
Translatorbase Online directory of freelance translators, post your resume, search for jobs, submit translation questions - fees apply
Ekoke Online directory of freelance translators, post your resume, search for jobs, submit translation questions
LangLance Online translation job marketplace where translation agencies and webmasters can outsource translation projects, and freelance translators can find translation jobs.
LocalizationCAREERS.net - a career resource serving job seekers and employers in all parts of the localization, globalization, translation and internationalization industry. Post your resume.
Transquotation - you can post your resume and submit your bid for jobs. Only members can use the system and a membership fee applies.
Translation Newsletters
Translatortips Plenty of useful information - agency lists, free ezine
PolarZone The free bi-weekly newsletter for the Freelance Translator
Toolkit Tool Kit, a free, computer-related newsletter for people in the translation industry.
Translation Jobs Newsgroups / Mailing Lists
Jobs for Freelance Translators (This is a mailing list where only jobs for language translators may be posted. )
Translation-Jobs (This list is for posting translation job offers)
Translation Job Opportunities (tr_jobs)
Jobs Translators (E-mail mailing list of translation jobs- 4-6 messages per day)
Jobs-for-Translators Infomarex Mailing List
ELSNET computational linguistics vacancies
Jobs for All
Job Posting Post your job to over 4,000 job sites. Including offline posting to: Colleges, Universities & Technical Schools.
ResumeZapper.Com - Instantly Distribute your resume to up to 10,000 Top Recruiters!
ResumeSubmit! is the best way to find a job, or better yet, to have the job find you!
Greek Sites
Quick Job links in Greece and Abroad
Logos (Translation agency)
Metafrastes (Translation agency)
Lexicon (Translation agency)
M. Oettli (Translation agency)
PlanoGroup (Translation agency)
Job Opportunities (Translation agency)
Information and Communication Applications (Translation agency)
Baan Eastern Europe Localisation Centre
Silver Translations (Translation agency)
Kentro Pliroforisis Ergazomenon & Anergon (Careers Office)
Jobshop (English Greek)
Hellas Business Network
OAED (Greek, English, French, German)
Dimosiografika (Greek Government Vacancies Newspaper)
Chrissi Eukairia (Classifieds Paper)
Superagellies (Classifieds Paper)
Careers Services Office (by the Thessaloniki Aristotle University - Information on postgraduate courses and employment opportunies - English home page)
Ta Nea (Greek newspaper)
It-Jobs.gr (Information Technology vacancies in Greece)
Ethnos.gr (Greek newspaper)