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Call for Papers

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Ο Μεταφραστής και το Διαδίκτυο
[The Translator and the Internet]

Bilingual Lexicography in Greece

3. Dr. FOTIOS 
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Ο Υποτιτλιστής και ο Μάγειρας ή μην Πυροβολείτε τον Υποτιτλιστή

[The Subtitler and the Cook or don't Shoot the Subtitler].


Τι δουλειά κάνει τελικά ο Mεταφραστής;

The Translatum Journal welcomes contributions of articles and other relevant material for future issues. In particular we welcome articles on any aspect of the translation process, annotated translations, dictionary reviews, translation as a profession, software reviews, notes on how to pass translation exams and glossaries (this list being by no means all-inclusive).

Contributors should contact
the  with a summary of their intented article. Preferred languages are English and Greek and as this is a Greek site translation issues involving the Greek language (from and to any other language) will be the most appropriate. There is no size limitation but if contributions exceed 50K then the article might be made available for download in zip format or broken into more than one pages.

The preferred format for your contributions is Microsoft Word for text and jpeg for photographs (a photograph of the author is welcome in electronic format).

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