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English Greek translation Translation Agencies and Translators for the Greek language Free Dictionaries and Machine Translation  
  Translation Agencies
(if you are a Greek translation agency or translator contact Translatum for a hyperlinked listing)
Translatum Greek Translations - Translatum now accepts Greek-English, English-Greek and many other pairs from and into Greek!
Archetypon - Translation & Globalization
Artion (congress and conference organising Greek secretarial services and administrative support Greek translations & interpretations - Thessaloniki-based)
Athens Translation Centre
Commit - specializes in localization
European Translation Centre
Euronet Translations - Interpretation, Translation, Dubbing
Executive Services Ltd Translation Centre (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Albanian)
Glossa (Technical Translations)
Greek Translation Services
Information and Communication Applications
InterTranslations Ltd.
LOGOS HELLAS Ltd Technical Translations
Lingua Franca Specialized Translation Services
Lykiard Translations
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Nikkon Technical Translations [mirror]
Orco Greek Translation and Localization
Proverb Hellas
Alex Seidanis Greek Translation Services
Silver Translations
Technical Translations
Texto Translation & Communication
Translation Brain English & Greek translation
Translations (Official translations for all Hellenic and foreign authorities - English, French, German, Italian, Slovak, Bulgarian)
Tsertsidis translation (Technical Translations)
Universal VIP Center
Vima International Translation Services (Greek - English - Bulgarian)
Spiros Doikas (site founder) - specializing in software and web site localization, manuals, medical
  Translators Databases
Archive of Book Translators (Greek Book Centre)
Panhellenic Association of Translators translators' database (freelance translators)
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