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English Greek translation Translation Journals and Newsletters Free Dictionaries and Machine Translation  
Translatum Journal (The Greek translation journal)
Translation Journal (by far the best on the web)
Translation Review
Translation Studies Abstracts
TRANSST: International Newsletter for Translation Studies
La linterna del traductor Spanish journal
Language International (Contents of issues only)
The Irn Bulletin
Language Today
Two Lines
Terminologie et Traduction
Language Learning and Technology
Journal de Traducteurs / Translators’ Journal
Linguistics Journals (Links)
MT News International
Machine Translation
Machine Translation Review
Computational Linguistics
Computer-Assisted Language Learning
Literary and Linguistic Computing
ELS News
Multilingual Computing
Web Journal of Formal, Computational and Cognitive Linguistics
Linguist Back issues of the Institute of Linguists' periodical publication (only excerpts of articles available on line)
The Translator (Contents of issues only)
Translatortips offers back issues of Tranfree - a free monthly email newsletter for translators
New Voices in Translation Studies from The International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS). Articles available in pdf format.
Lexis, E-journal in English Lexicology (Revue de lexicologie anglaise)
eXchanges, Excellent literary translation e-journal from the University of Iowa containing full text and parallel translations (Must have Macromedia Flash 6 to view)
Jostrans, the Journal of Specialised Translation, an electronic, peer-reviewed, free-access journal bringing non-literary translation issues to the fore. Published bi-annually, it includes articles, reviews and streamed interviews by translation scholars and professionals.
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