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 Ancient Greek-English dictionary (Wiki implementation of multiple Ancient Greek and Latin dictionaries, including Liddell-Scott-Jones, Pape (German), Bailly (French) Dvoretsky (Russian), DGE (Spanish), Dutch, Chinese, with diacritics insensitive live search functionality)
 Perseus Ancient Greek-English (Liddell-Scott-Jones)
Perseus English-Ancient Greek 
Perseus Text tools and Lexica
Woodhouse (English-Greek Dictionary, searchable)
English-Greek Dictionary, A Vocabulary Of The Attic Language by S. C. Woodhouse (1910) (pdf 80 MB, download by right click and Save as)
A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament by Joseph Henry Thayer (pdf 80 MB, download by right click and Save as)
Pocket Lexicon of Greek New Testament by Alexander Souter (pdf 7 MB, download by right click and Save as)
Interlinear Bible (English-Hebrew for Old Testament and English-Greek for New Testament in pop-up window)
 Minimal Greek Elements (The 102 basic Greek elements every English speaker/reader should know for an adequate understanding of thousands of English words that are used in the mass media)
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names Oxford UK
Suda On Line: Byzantine Lexicography (see the original source text in various display flavors of Greek (including transliterated, SGreek, SMK GreekKeys Athenian, Unicode, and TLG "beta code")
Kalos - a free Classic Greek Dictionary, trilingual, with definitions in English, French and Spanish. It contains approximately 25,000 entries. Kalós also includes New Testament and koiné vocabulary, including biblical names, which makes it a very useful resource for religion and theology scholars. Kalós includes a morphological analysis tool. Our heuristic Greek engine plus our extensive forms database allow us to find both simple and hard-to-recongize forms from ancient Greek texts. Besides, Kalós is a downloadable program that works offline: an Internet connection is not necessary.
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