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Online script for automatic correction of multiple/erroneous spaces and erroneous capitalization. It works for both English and Greek and offers an extra option for Greek text to fix (add/remove) the final -n (τελικό -ν) where needed.
Conversion of Liddell, Scott, Jones Ancient Greek Lexicon (LSJ) into wiki format. About the project.
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Free Greek translation by humans of words and phrases (up to 12 words) - subject to terms and conditions. Just post your question in the appropriate Translation Assistance board of our forum. In the subject field enter the word or phrase you want translated. If you want a translation from ANCIENT Greek use the Ancient Greek to English Translation board; if you want it into ancient Greek, use the English to Ancient Greek Translation Forum.
If your translation exceeds 12 words you can submit it as a small job to our professional Greek translation services.
Download free English and Multilingual dictionaries and glossaries as well as thesauri like Roget's thesaurus. Download for free multilingual Bibles in zipped text files or programs. Search many Bible versions in many languages from one page!
Translatum Macros for translators: a collection of search and other functionality macros for MS Word (in Greek).
Greek Translation Guide for Greek translators by the Greek Book Centre (EKEVI) packed with useful information!
Translation as a Profession an excellent free e-book (html) by Rogers Chriss. Download as pdf file.
Download free demos of translation memory, terminology, word counting, and other translation related software.
Search in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and other dictionaries.
Search the Hellenic National Corpus and find a Modern or Ancient Greek verb with the Greek conjugator using ellinomatheia's data.
The most exhaustive collection of Greek dictionaries on line: computers, financial and legal, science & technical, medical, telecommunications, food & drink, sports, Greek dialects, ancient Greek, downloadable, Greek monolingual, slang, satiricalunclassified, countrieslanguagescurrencies...
Convert measures,currencies, Greeklish, braille, and many more.

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annuity → ετήσιο επίδομα
off kilter → που δεν βρίσκεται σε ισορροπία, που δεν είναι εντάξει, κάτι δεν πάει καλά, ανομοιόμορφος, ασύμμετρος, άνισος, έκκεντρος, λοξός
go along with → πάω με τα νερά του, δέχομαι, δεν πηγαίνω κόντρα, δεν πάω κόντρα, συμφωνώ, συμβαδίζω, συντάσσομαι, σιγοντάρω, δεν φέρνω αντίρρηση, πάω πάσο, στηρίζω
plea deal → διαπραγμάτευση συμφωνίας μεταξύ κατηγορουμένου και εισαγγελέα, ποινικός συμβιβασμός, ποινικός διακανονισμός, συμβιβασμός ποινών, δικαστικός συμβιβασμός
on my watch → στη βάρδια μου, υπό την επίβλεψή μου, όσο έχω εγώ την ευθύνη, όσο κάνω κουμάντο εγώ, όσο εγώ είμαι το αφεντικό εδώ πέρα, όσο περνάει από το χέρι μου, όσο περνά από το χέρι μου, όσο περνά απ' το χέρι μου
heshe → τραβέλι, τρανς
he-she → τραβέλι, τρανς
sports coupe → κουπέ
grow weak → αποδυναμώνομαι
they patched it up → τα βρήκαν

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